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East London Shop Fronts hold an experience of about 20+ years in curtain walling installation across London. Our team of dedicated curtain walling contractors offers bespoke façade solutions.

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    Eye-Catching Curtain Walling Installation

    Over the last two decades, there has been a significant rise in the demand for curtain walling installation. They play a very important role in separating the exteriors from the interiors and give a sophisticated look to your structure. Most structures use glass and aluminum for this type of installation, which gives them a completely new look. As technology has paved its way in the curtain walling industry, it has developed new and better ideas. Moreover, such an installation is a shield for your business and keeps it secure at all times.

    Before this installation came into existence, buildings used external walls to protect them from the elements. This transferred a lot of load to the structure of the building and made it heavy. Therefore, the risk of the buildings collapsing increased. So, curtain walling came into use thanks to technological advancements to ensure that structures were safe. East London Shop Fronts is a reputable curtain wall company that installs curtain walling on your structures. Our curtain walling contractors ensure timely completion of work and execute tasks systematically.

    What is curtain walling?

    In simple terms, a curtain wall is the outer covering of the building and protects it from extreme weather conditions. Curtain walling installations use lightweight materials that do not apply pressure to the structure, making them non-structural. Curtain walls protect your structure from weather conditions so that there is no damage to your property or assets. Installers use different varieties of glass, including transparent, translucent, and opaque, for this type of installation. Curtain walling needs components like the transom, mullions, vision glass, and anchors. You need to choose the one that serves the purpose of your installation in the best possible way. 

    How to get an estimate of the price of your curtain wall installation?

    With a little bit of knowledge about your curtain walling, you can have an estimate of the price. You need to know the glass’s width and the structure’s height. To know the price per square foot, you also need to know the type of glass used in your curtain walling. At East London Shop Fronts, we come up with a budget after all the details are provided by our clients so that they can make up their minds regarding the curtain walling installation. All in all, the final cost of your curtain walling depends on the type of curtain walling you want to have on your premises. 

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    Types of curtain walling installation

    There are two types of curtain walling installation: Stick system and Unitized curtain walling installation. Let’s know about them in brief-

    Stick system curtain walling installation

    In this type of installation, every piece is installed on the construction site piece by piece. Every component that has to be used on the construction site is delivered individually, such as glass, mullions, spandrels, etc. Such an installation is carried out by professional installers with in-depth knowledge about this service. Stick curtain walling is mainly used in low-rise structures. This is a flexible approach as adjustments can be made in case any issue arises. However, the time required for such an installation is longer than its counterpart.

    Unitized curtain walling installation

    This type of installation involves assembling all the parts at the construction site upon their arrival. It implies that everything comes as a single unit, and there is no need to assemble the parts individually. Whenever you notice a curtain walling on any tall building, you have to know that this is an example of a unitized curtain walling installation.Such installations often have high shipping charges, but they usually take less time to complete the project overall. Unitized curtain walling installations are becoming increasingly popular in modern architecture.

    Our team of curtain walling contractors can take up any project, whether it’s a stick or unitized curtain walling installation. At East London Shop Fronts, we make sure to deliver a high-quality installation as per your needs. We consider all the points our clients set to ensure that top-notch service is provided.


    Our Customer's Testimonials


    Thank you, East London Shop Fronts, for providing the best curtain walling installation service. The quality of workmanship their team holds is amazing. The work was completed before the team and it gave a new look to my structure.

    Shop Owner, London

    To change the look of my building, I decided to go for glass curtain walls. Through the recommendation of a friend, I got in touch with East London Shop Fronts. My installation got completed yesterday and I can say that they did a commendable job.

    Shop Owner, London

    Recently, I got curtain walls for my structure from East London Shop Fronts. Their team came up with the quote and design plan in the manner that I wanted. After some discussions with their team, a plan was devised and I am satisfied with my installation.

    Saloon Owner, London

    Choosing East London Shop Fronts for curtain walling installation, was the best decision. As I was looking for a way to maintain my façade. Their team did a good job and came up with an amazing curtain wall for my premises. 

    Saloon Owner, London